Team Rosters are here!

TennisSetting up  a summer tennis team?  Or gathering information on parents on the swim team?  Do you want to have the best (and easiest to make!) roster ?

Well…look no further.  Here is what you need. Click this happy link and copy our example into your Jooners account.

Don’t have a Jooners account?  Get a FREE one here.

And send us photos from your swim meets and tennis matches!  We are getting ready to celebrate Summer 2013 in style.



I was a volunteer on a Jooners sign up sheet!

festivalThis past weekend, attending an amazing Spring Festival , I experienced Jooners from outside in!  And it was glorious.

I volunteered to be on the set up crew and as this was a huge community affair with hundreds of participants, Jooners was used (Thank you!) .

When I arrived at my shift, an hour before the official start time of the festival, I was greeted by a 10th grader with an iPhone (her mom’s!).  She politely asked who I was and what I was signed up for. In a few clicks on the iPhone, she had found me. She smiled, checked me in  and allowed me through the roped entrance to the park.

All and all it took less than 45 seconds. A very pleasant 45 seconds in the company of someone young, energetic and competent.  It was a joy to see my friend’s daughter, to see her so engaged and to have Jooners be a small part of this event and effort.

Smiles all around.

And a plug for our great feature: Try our checkins next time you need to make sure that your volunteers are showing up to their shifts!  (you can find it under MORE from the My Jooners Dashboard)

How was your Spring Festival?  Any stories to share?

Spring Carnivals

One of the best ways of using Jooners online sign up sheets to organize a bountiful and beautiful Spring Carnival.  Say hello to the newest member of our Examples page! Spring Carnivalspring-carnival-2011 is here to make your life fun and easy….Just like a spring day.

Swim Meets and Past Feeds

Most of us worry about eating too much. And then there are the swimmers among us that need pasta feeds!  online sign up sheets

One of Jooners most popular sign up sheets involves swimmers and their appetites.  With summer just around the corner, we wanted to show you how easy it is to manage large scale swim meets while nourishing your team members.

So get the sunscreen and make a Costco run!  The rest is all on Jooners.

Spring Fever

Spring is here!  Finally….online sign up sheets

Do you have Spring Fever?  Are you itching to get away and smell the blooms and the grass and start on ice cream cones?

Skip your weekend duties.

Say no to laundry and this weekend’s soccer game.

Act irresponsibly and go CAMPING with friends!  You will feel like you celebrated and marked the Spring of 2013.

Planning: End-of-the-Year Parties

gradsLooking to have an end-of-the-year classroom party? Or are you getting ready for a school-wide graduation party?

Involve everyone in the community and coordinate your event with ease, using this free online sign up sheet. Free and easy online sign up sheets help you, organize and manage parents, volunteers and participants quickly and easily.You can invite parents to volunteer on the day of the event or help ahead of time during the preparation. Many hands make light work!

Interested in a Gift Registry for the Graduate in your family?  No more duplicated gifts!

In just a few minutes, you can set up both of these online sign up sheet and allow everyone to see what is needed, what is taken and what is available. Volunteers can review the online sign up sheets from their computers or phones and simply sign up without the hassles of becoming members. In two or three simple steps, you can create an online sign up sheet, share it with your group via email, Facebook or Twitter and gather the people and items that you need. You can set up online sign up sheets for one day events, multi-day events, recurring events and shifts easily. You can also create online sign up sheets that collect information that you may need from your groups such as t-shirt sizes, uniform information and more. Jooners creates links to these online sign up sheets that can be pasted into newsletters and website and remove the burden of sending multiple emails to large groups.

Use Jooners for anything including book fair online sign ups, parent teacher conferences, classroom parties, yard duty, library duty, potlucks, meals for friends in need, snack duties, carpools, school carnivals, walk-athons, tournaments, swim meets, snack shacks and more. Then share the links to these online sign up sheets and watch volunteers sign up hassle free. Reminders and thank you notes are automatically created and customizable. Everything is kept in one place and you can create copies of your favorite online sign up sheets and use them year after year, season after season and month after month in just a few simple clicks.

What are online sign up sheets and why should I use Jooners?

Any time you are organizing a group of more than 2 people, you should consider using online sign up sheets. Jooners online sign up sheets help you and your participants get on the same page without a ton of back and forth reply-all emails. Just like a paper sign up sheet, Jooners online sign up sheets lists items, jobs, time, shifts and more for participants to select and sign up for. Jooners online sign up sheets also create automatic reminders and customized thank you notes for all your online sign up sheet needs.

In need of inspiration?

Are you in need of inspiration? Interested in setting up an online sign up sheet but don’t know where to begin or how the online sign up sheet should look like?

Jooners online sign up sheet examples is where you want to start. These excellent sign up sheets, can be easily imported into your own account ready to be edited by you and for your event.

Jooners Gallery – What is it?

Lets’ take a look together at Jooners Gallery of examples and templates.
(If you are on Jooners homepage, simply click on the button called: “See Examples”).

Jooners Gallery is a collection of over 25 especially curated online sign up sheets that will meet your every need.  You can peruse among five categories of online sign up sheets: Friends and Family, School, Sports, Community and Seasonal or dive deep into a specific one. In each of these sections, you will find online sign up sheets that are designed with a specific occasion or purpose in mind.

Family & Friends:  fandf

Under Family and Friends, you can see online sign up sheets for managing Meals and errands for friends in need , family camping trip, book club hosting, gift registry for new graduates and housewarming parties and Thanksgiving potluck.

Community: community

Under the Community tab, you can see online sign up sheets for managing volunteers in a place of worship, neighborhood potlucks, food bank volunteers, block parties and phone banks for local or national elections.


Under the School tab, you can see a rich set of online sign up sheets ranging from volunteer management for a classroom party to field trip drivers to fundraisers such as school book fairs and carnivals. On these example online sign up sheets, you can solicit for PTA/PTO roles and responsibilities, and gather participants for yard duty and library duty and more.

Sports:   sports

Under the Sports tab, note that you have examples of online sign up sheets ranging from managing large scale swim meets and tournaments to small scale snack duty management and organizing end of season parties for one team. One of Jooners most popular online sign up sheets is the Pasta Feed online sign up sheet, where parents and volunteers gather together the night before a big game or meet and host the team for a meal. Fundraising for a sports team is usually done via having concession stands actively selling snacks and drinks during games. Jooners even has an online sign up sheet to manage the volunteers on your team’s concession stand.

Seasonal:  seasonal

Under Seasonal, Jooners online sign up sheets help you create wonderful memories of parties for 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween and the winter holidays such as Christmas.

So what do you think?  Which is your favorite?  Here is my favorite sign up sheet.