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I was a volunteer on a Jooners sign up sheet!

festivalThis past weekend, attending an amazing Spring Festival , I experienced Jooners from outside in!  And it was glorious.

I volunteered to be on the set up crew and as this was a huge community affair with hundreds of participants, Jooners was used (Thank you!) .

When I arrived at my shift, an hour before the official start time of the festival, I was greeted by a 10th grader with an iPhone (her mom’s!).  She politely asked who I was and what I was signed up for. In a few clicks on the iPhone, she had found me. She smiled, checked me in  and allowed me through the roped entrance to the park.

All and all it took less than 45 seconds. A very pleasant 45 seconds in the company of someone young, energetic and competent.  It was a joy to see my friend’s daughter, to see her so engaged and to have Jooners be a small part of this event and effort.

Smiles all around.

And a plug for our great feature: Try our checkins next time you need to make sure that your volunteers are showing up to their shifts!  (you can find it under MORE from the My Jooners Dashboard)

How was your Spring Festival?  Any stories to share?


Move on over FourSquare – Finally a real reason to do Check-Ins!


You have created a great sign up sheet that is now filled with participants. How do you ensure that people show up and do what they signed up to do?  Easy!

Introducing Jooners’ new Check-Ins.  It’s simple, fast and — most important to busy organizers — meaningful.  Simply stated, no more frantic printing of sign up sheets whilst running out the door.  Instead, grab your smart phone, your kid (if applicable), and arrive at your event cool as as cucumber.

As the organizer and owner of the sign up sheet you have access to a special button that lets you check in volunteers and participants as they fulfill their commitments.

To use Check-Ins, follow the steps outlined below.

Click on MORE and then on CHECK IN VOLUNTEERS.  You will see a big red button next to each participant’s name.  Simply click on the Check-In button as participants arrive or deliver on their commitments and you are done!

No more printing of sheets…And no more wondering if Julie showed up for the 7:30am cashier shift at the Bookfair!

Another smart thing about the new Jooners Check-Ins is that it is optimized to be used on your smart phone.  You can be at your event, checking in volunteers and participants free of your computer and not carrying around paper print outs.  Enjoy the freedom!

Just like your sign up sheets, Check-Ins are always available in your Jooners account for reference after your event has come and gone.  While Check-Ins will be part of Premium Jooners, we are sharing the love with all members until March 31st.  Give it a try and  let me know what you think.

More Options!

Curious about giving a try to Jooners premium membership?  Now’s the time!  

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a monthly payment option for premium Jooners accounts for only $5.95 per month!

Why go premium?  Here’s the lowdown:

  • Unlimited sign up sheets.  Free accounts are a great starting point for basic organizing. If, however, you are a person who is organizing quite a lot and quite often, premium is a better option for you.  A premium account allows you to create unlimited sign up sheets; with free accounts you can create up to five sign ups.
  • Private sign up sheets.  These are great for times when you need to know which slots are taken but would rather not say who.
  • Get notified!  This is an awesome time saving feature.  Of course you can always login to your Jooners account and check out the action on your sheet.  But, with a premium account, there’s no need!  We send you a notification when volunteers sign up.
  • Ability to change commitments –  You can let your participants modify and change their commitments on all sign up sheets.

I like to think of a premium account as the cherry on top.  Free accounts are fabulous, but if you really want to get serious about organizing and save time, I recommend you give it a try.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Happy Organizing!

Say hello to Amy….

Want to see what happens when a Jooners Mom starts baking cookies with her first grader ??

Please say hello to Amy Miller, Jooners new marketing team member and a great addition to our Jooners family.

Amy is the mom of a lovely 6-year-old boy and busy with all sorts of first grade projects. She is also a savvy business owner and operator, a dancer and yogi and….she is completing her degree in business administration.  Amy will start blogging shortly and we all will have a chance to get to know her better.

Welcome Amy!  We are looking forward to your future photos  🙂

Announcing the NEW JOONERS!

Today we unveil the New Jooners.  Welcome!

Why are we changing Jooners?  Over the past 6 months, we have listened carefully to your comments. You wanted better site usability, new features, improved speed and more sharing capabilities. We noticed that some features were gaining importance while others were not meeting your needs. And under the hood, we knew that we needed to keep pace with platform upgrades and technical improvements.

So we took a hard look at Jooners, made a giant list of desired features and prioritized “member delight” above all else. The resulting work is the New Jooners.

What is in the new Jooners?  And why does it look so familiar?  Over 80% of  the new features on Jooners are based on your ideas and suggestions!!

Here are a few highlights:
1.     Shift-based sign up sheets for yard duties and library shifts
2.     Duplicated rows of the same item or job with just one click
3.     Ability to change the name of the headers and create section titles
4.     Speed improvements throughout the site
5.     Streamlined sign up sheet creation; no more template selection!
6.      Ability to add sign up sheet commitments to online calendars
7.     Ability to “favorite” a sign up sheet
8.     Send, View and Edit directly from the MY JOONERS box
9.     Ability to create Private as well as Public sign up sheets
10.   Improved sign up sheet examples to customize in your account
11.   Ability to create sign up sheets without logging in
12.   Sharing your sheets with Jooners members & non-members
13.   Better integration with Facebook and Twitter
14.   Easier access to sign up sheet URLs for newsletters and websites
15.   Move to PayPal  (see more below*)

*Using the product, you will notice that we have integrated Jooners with PayPal on subscriptions. Your Amazon accounts are still valid and working, should you choose to stay with that method of payment for your Jooners Premium Accounts.  Speaking of payments, if you are collecting dues and selling tickets, soon you will have a better way of collecting payments on Jooners.  We have temporarily disconnected the ability to gather money on sign up sheets ahead of this upgrade.

Pricing Changes – Starting 10/01/12 new Jooners Premium Accounts subscription fees will increase to $49.95 per year.  For Premium Accounts created and upgraded prior to 10/01/12, subscription prices will remain at $19.95 per year.

Our Vision – Above and beyond individual features and pricing changes and no matter whether you hold a free or premium account, we work hard to create a product that saves you time and puts a smile on your face.  It is our team’s best way of thanking YOU for being our customers.

I am looking forward to your thoughts and comments.  You can email me directly at

Happy Organizing!
Nazila and the Team at Jooners

Kids and volunteering

Hi everyone…Nazila here!

As of Thursday, summer is here for my family.  And this year my younger daughter has begun an anti-camp campaign.  “Summer is supposed to be relaxing, time to hang out with friends, go swimming, have sleepovers.  I don’t want to go to camp!”, she said.  Hmmm….all I could think about was that a week into her relaxing time, I was going to hear “I am bored. I am bored. I am bored.” But may be not?  I thought to myself, that maybe she really needs some time to unwind.

So we came up with some ideas for our non-camp summer!

  1. Work
    • Create a crafts camp for the younger set in our neighborhood.
    • Dog-walking, Babysitting
    • Filing
    • Cleaning, organizing  (least favorite!)
  2. Volunteer
    • Local library – Minimum age to be a volunteer is 14. 😦
    • Local bookstore  – Same problem.
    • Soup kitchen and homeless shelter need a parent present.
    • Youth service programs –  For middle-school kids, they are really camps, focused on service. A possibility.

What are your ideas?  What are your middle-schoolers saying about their summer?