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I was a volunteer on a Jooners sign up sheet!

festivalThis past weekend, attending an amazing Spring Festival , I experienced Jooners from outside in!  And it was glorious.

I volunteered to be on the set up crew and as this was a huge community affair with hundreds of participants, Jooners was used (Thank you!) .

When I arrived at my shift, an hour before the official start time of the festival, I was greeted by a 10th grader with an iPhone (her mom’s!).  She politely asked who I was and what I was signed up for. In a few clicks on the iPhone, she had found me. She smiled, checked me in  and allowed me through the roped entrance to the park.

All and all it took less than 45 seconds. A very pleasant 45 seconds in the company of someone young, energetic and competent.  It was a joy to see my friend’s daughter, to see her so engaged and to have Jooners be a small part of this event and effort.

Smiles all around.

And a plug for our great feature: Try our checkins next time you need to make sure that your volunteers are showing up to their shifts!  (you can find it under MORE from the My Jooners Dashboard)

How was your Spring Festival?  Any stories to share?


Why I love Highline Park

High Line Park is located in an unusual place. You can only get to it by climbing a very steep set of stairs. But once you are there, NYC becomes a movie, playing just for you.  These photos don’t do it justice.  Here is the food. Here is the art. Here is the park.  This is a great place for local teens to get their hands dirty.  Efforts like this, sing to me and I hope that they are using our sign up sheets!

If you are planning a visit, start here.  And bring back photos to share, ok?