Friends of Palo Alto Children’s Theatre

online sign up sheetsTell us about your group. What do you do?
The Friends of the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre is a non-profit organization that supports the Theatre by providing volunteer help, publicity, and advocacy.  While the administration, operational, and maintenance costs of the Theatre are provided by the city of Palo Alto, the Friends raise funds for special equipment and scholarships not included in the city budget.
How do you use Jooners?
Jooners has generously donated a permanent account to the Friends.  This tool has been instrumental for our volunteer coordination.  The Friends run the concessions after each performance – the volunteers are the parents of the cast and crew.  A Friends representative creates the Jooners sign-up list and emails it to the potential volunteers for real-time sign-ups.  In addition, Jooners is used for our cast and crew parties.
Do you have a Jooners story to share? 
For some of our volunteers, this is their first exposure to Jooners.  They seem very impressed by the tool and want to learn more about it and we are delighted to provide them with more information about this valuable tool.

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