Move on over FourSquare – Finally a real reason to do Check-Ins!


You have created a great sign up sheet that is now filled with participants. How do you ensure that people show up and do what they signed up to do?  Easy!

Introducing Jooners’ new Check-Ins.  It’s simple, fast and — most important to busy organizers — meaningful.  Simply stated, no more frantic printing of sign up sheets whilst running out the door.  Instead, grab your smart phone, your kid (if applicable), and arrive at your event cool as as cucumber.

As the organizer and owner of the sign up sheet you have access to a special button that lets you check in volunteers and participants as they fulfill their commitments.

To use Check-Ins, follow the steps outlined below.

Click on MORE and then on CHECK IN VOLUNTEERS.  You will see a big red button next to each participant’s name.  Simply click on the Check-In button as participants arrive or deliver on their commitments and you are done!

No more printing of sheets…And no more wondering if Julie showed up for the 7:30am cashier shift at the Bookfair!

Another smart thing about the new Jooners Check-Ins is that it is optimized to be used on your smart phone.  You can be at your event, checking in volunteers and participants free of your computer and not carrying around paper print outs.  Enjoy the freedom!

Just like your sign up sheets, Check-Ins are always available in your Jooners account for reference after your event has come and gone.  While Check-Ins will be part of Premium Jooners, we are sharing the love with all members until March 31st.  Give it a try and  let me know what you think.


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