Help! Simple Answers to Common Questions.

Organizers, Volunteers, Parents, and Awesome Jooners Community,

Hello, Amy here.  If you’ve been to lately, most likely we’ve had a chance to communicate.  It’s been pretty cool for me getting to know some of you, and learn about how you are using Jooners.  I’m learning what’s working for you and what isn’t and our Jooners team is taking notes.  So, thank you!

A few recurring topics and questions are noted here, as well as give you a few tips for solving future help questions.

Q.   How do I change the primary email address associated with my existing Jooners account?
A.   Email  Include the existing email address and the address you would like to change it to.  We will change it for you and confirm.  Simple!

Q. What are shifts and why would I use this?
A. In short, shift sheets are your friend.  Perfect for setting up shifts for an event such as library book fairs, timing during swim meets or working the food tent. Check out our brief video, which walks you through the process step by step.

Q. What is Jooners, Why might I use this?
A. Jooners is an online volunteer management system.  We help you create online sign up sheets (just say no to paper!) and strive for happy organizers and happy participants.  Check out our quick How To video to learn more.

Q. Finally, what do I do if I am just plain stuck!
A. Email  It is helpful for us to be as specific as you can about the question you have.  For example, be sure to include the email address associated with your Jooners account, the specific sign up sheet (URL is fantastic) you are addressing, and a brief step by step explanation of what is happening. This helps us help you faster and more efficiently.

As always, I look forward to connecting with you and Happy Organizing!


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