Another use for Jooners…Birthday Parties!


Hello, Amy here!  I love the holiday season but it does get hectic.  And, my son is one of the lucky “holiday babies” as I like to call them.  His birthday falls just after the new year.  While this is great fun for a kid (keep the present train coming!), it can get overwhelming for a parent.

This year, however, I decided to use my Jooners account to help me organize his party.  It was a breeze!  The sheet creation was simple and I decided to share it on my personal Facebook page with family and friends.  This step seriously helped me eliminate at least 10 emails and text messages that I would have otherwise had to send one at a time.

Next time you need help organizing your child’s birthday party, give Jooners a try!  Also don’t forget to try out our feature.  It’s even simpler than the sheet creation, you can customize the note if you want, and your helpers will surely smile when they receive this in their inbox.

Smiles all around make for a happy, happy birthday!


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