My New Year Resolutions


This year, I want to be more connected to my community. I want to be the kind of person that lends a hand and is never too busy or too tired.  I want to show my kids that there is always time.  This year I am searching for tools that will help me eliminate, prioritize, re-connect and streamline. Of course, Jooners is high up on my list.

This year I will say yes to organizing the dunk booth at our Spring Carnival. I will say yes to the Valentine’s Party  in our Kinder classroom. We are starting a new season of basketball and I want to be the ride organizer for the team. So sign me up!

I have also discovered:

  1. Dress for Success for getting rid of clothes that I am not wearing
  2. Community Giving Tree for clothes that my son is not wearing
  3. California Closets for better organized closets
  4. iPhoto for organizing my holiday photos
  5. Evernote for keeping track of my receipts
  6. Basecamp list for prioritizing

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