Gift Ideas for Teachers


Hello Happy Organizers, Amy here.  If you’re a bit hectic like me, you may have let a few gifts till the last minute.  Example:  the teacher gift.  We love our teachers and giving them a thoughtful gift over the holiday is just one way to say “thank you, we appreciate you more than ever.”  

This begs the question:  What to give?  Here are a few of my favorite ideas for teacher gifts this holiday season:

  1. Gift cards.  Who doesn’t love a Starbucks or Barnes and Noble gift card?  We all know, when we find one of these stuffed away in our wallet, it’s like finding a tiny nugget of goodness.  You can never go wrong with this, consider pairing it with a cute coffee mug or travel cup.
  2. A beautiful poinsettia or other plant.  This is one of my son’s favorite gifts to give.  It’s simple, beautiful, and perhaps most important, useful.
  3. Personalized stationery.  While stationary may seem a bit dated, I find this gift particularly elegant.  Plus, teachers are always using stationary and cards to communicate to students and parents.  Yes…I love this gift idea!
  4. A letter.  This gift is perhaps the most valuable and costs virtually nothing at all to give.  Fewer things are more special than a personalized letter.  Love the way your child’s teacher handles the reading hurdles?  Tell them in a letter.  Is your child’s teacher that one special teacher that seems to somehow connect with your child in a way that boggles even your own mind?  Tell them in a letter.

Of the four gifts above, number four is my favorite.  As always, I like to keep gift giving simple and heartfelt.  

What are your favorite teacher gift ideas?  Feel free to share!


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