The Best Gift Ever

The richest gift I have ever received is the gift of dance.  As a child, I had a passion for only one thing: ballet, a love of movement and music.  The nearest studio was 70 miles from our home.  Six, and often seven days per week, we made the 140 mile trek in our family suburban.  The lessons I learned in ballet extend far beyond a pirouette, however, and the relationships formed around such a beautiful art form have been life long.

As parents, we love to give our children extra curricular activities and opportunities.  Yes, these activities keep them active, they provide kids with a sense of structure beyond academics, they teach them (and sometimes us) how to win and how to lose.  Activities teach special skill sets that we might now be capable of teaching our children.  They are an incredible gift.

As we move closer to the holiday season, I reminisce about my ballet family.  The Nutcracker was a special treat each December and, to this day, still symbolizes the holidays in my heart.  As for my ballet friends…some have developed professional careers as ballerinas, some have gone on to teach, many even opened their own studios.  We are a group forever connected by childhood memories and a love for dance.  Call it Passion.  Call it Art.  Call it Common Interest.  I like to call it Family.


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