Hostess gift ideas and my latest loves…

Source: via on Pinterest

Hello, Amy here with a few hostess gift ideas for your holiday gatherings and potlucks this season.  I love a good holiday party as much as the next person and, in choosing a gift for the hostess, I aim to be thoughtful.  Here are some of my latest loves:

  • Rosemary trees wrapped in beautiful trimmings – rosemary is a handy to have on hand and smells amazing.
  • Fancy oils, vinegars and sea salts – truffle oil is my favorite treat as are specialty sea salts, especially good for a foodie.
  • Wine with a beautiful wine cork is always delightful.  I adore unique artisan wines.  Skipstone, Barrel 27 and Blackbird are a few delicious selections that will delight your friends.
  • Homemade irish cream.  (NEW obsession!)  Sipping irish cream over crushed ice in good company is one of life’s simple pleasures. Homemade and it’s even better.   You will love and hate me at the same time when you try this, if you have not tried it already.

Wishing you a joyful holiday party season this year and, when in doubt, choose a gift you would love to receive.  Simple + thoughtful.

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