Tis’ the season to give…


As coordinators, volunteers, organizers and parents we are givers.  I pondered this idea this week when my local blood center called to ask if I could come in and give blood; my blood type was in high demand.  Admittedly, donating blood is not one of my favorite activities.  I’m terrified of needles and freaked out at the slightest sight of blood.  However, I promptly rearranged my schedule to accommodate.

The act instigated the question from my six year old, “Momma, why did you give your blood?”

Kids always seem to ask the most innocent, yet keen questions!  Of course I replied with the standard response, “it’s the right thing to do, a single donation can save up to three lives, blood is a substance scientists cannot replicate, etc. etc.”

The truth is, I give for all of those reasons and one more.  I give to lead by example and teach my child the importance of giving, helping and sharing.  Our Jooners community is full of givers.  Cheers to the season of giving and to teaching our children how to do the same.


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