My Jooners: An Organizational Playground?

Source: via on Pinterest

online signup sheets

Hello everyone…Amy here! As noted in a previous post, one of my recent goals is to utilize more Jooners sign up sheets!

My primary objectives:

  • Cut down on paper
  • Be more organized
  • Clean out my inbox  (New Goal!)

In a recent attempt to organize a group project I am coordinating, this is what went down:

The scenario:  a group of three collaborating on a big final project.  Typical communication mode:  threads of emails, reply all’s and text messaging.

My Jooners:  I created a sign up sheet.  Tasks, deadlines and other reminder notes were included.  I also checked the reminder email feature and set it to two days.  I really like this feature.  Total time:  3 minutes.

The takeaway:  I loved that a single sheet creation cut down on the back and forth emails.  I wish, however, there was a way I could receive confirmation of my task assignments.

The Jooners team is enthusiastic and passionate about continuing to improve the Jooners user experience.   I love this!  Care to share a recent sign up sheet creations?  Feel free!  We would love to see how you are using Jooners to organize.

Happy Organizing!


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