Dive in!

There’s something incredibly refreshing about diving into a new project.

For the next four months, I will be diving into Jooners.  I can’t promise I will always be flawless, but I can promise transparency.  I’ll share with you my best and my worst dives as I determine just how many ways I can incorporate Jooners into my daily life.  In short, I will be practicing organization to the nth degree.  My goal:  to save time and eliminate paper.

Today I created my first sign up sheet, and, it ended up more of an assignment sheet than a sign up sheet.  The task – Wednesday evening caregivers to watch over my son while I attend class.  Necessary info. – dates, times, names and emails.  I created this sheet as a shift sheet and it was super simple to select the dates and enter the information.  Time spent – about six minutes for this very basic sheet.  Minus the rookie learning curve, I estimate the total time next time would be closer to four minutes.

My thoughts…

Jooners sheet creation is delightfully simple and I saved myself at least six random reminder and thank you emails to my sitters, friends and family.  While this isn’t a typical sign up sheet, it is definitely organization and collaboration.

A fun fact and rule of thumb about diving – the simpler a dive looks when executed, the higher the score. Jooners organized this task simply and beautifully; I would award a high score.

The bottom line:  I used Jooners as a means to remind friends and family of a simple, and important, task.  It was beautiful.  Want to join?  Dive in. Click here to try out Jooners.  Organizational shenanigans, perfect dives, belly flops all welcome.  There are no steadfast rules on this organizational playground.


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