Julie: The Magician

Julie’s Story

Julie is a mom of three kids: Natalie aged 11, Thomas 8 and Pia 5.  She juggles being a 2nd grade room parent, a swim team parent manager and a girls scout brownie troop leader.  In her words, “No two days are alike.  If you want routine, you will need to get another job!”.  She manages all of this amidst doctor appointments, neighborhood events and family get-togethers and celebrations.

So when Ms. Geller, the 6th grade teacher asked if anyone was willing to organize drivers for a year’s worth of 6th grade field trips, guess who’s hand went up?  Yep! Julie was right there and happy to help.  “People think I am a miracle worker.  If they only knew how much of that has been Jooners!”

We know that there is never a dull moment in your life. That is why we have created Jooners. Simple and easy online sign up sheets that will help you coordinate your kid’s classroom, soccer team, scout troop and even fit in your book club and a couple of girls nights out.  See a few useable examples here.  And now get going on that Halloween Party!

Give Jooners online sign up sheets a try. It is easy. It is free and it will liberate your mailbox from those dreaded back and forth emails.

Happy organizing!


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