New Jooners special tips! (part 4)

Hi everyone….Owen from Jooners Help Desk here.

Today we have the last part of our Jooners tour and we share with you two very special tips that should make the customization of all your sign up sheets much more easy and fun

5.  Introducing…Section Headers! 

Section Headers were one of the most requested features in Jooners.  We’re happy to report that they are here!  To add a section header to your sign up sheet, look for the “Customize” button on the right side of your sign up sheet.  Grab the pink “Section Title” box and drag it to where you need the title to go.  Once you release the click, it will drop in place.  Click on it again and enter your text, hit “okay” and you’re done.  This is a great way to organize longer sign ups into easy to read sections.

6.  Changing Column Headers?

We’ve had a number of users asking how to change the column headers.  It’s simple.  Let’s say that you want to change the column that by default reads “Notes”.  First, click on the header itself.  In the text window that opens, remove the current text and change it to whatever you would like.  In my case, I changed it to “What dish are you bringing?”.  Make sure that you hit the “OK” button or the save won’t change.  That’s it!

Stay tuned for some other highlights of the new site.  We’re about to bring Collect Info out of beta and we’ll have a blog post highlighting the features of it next week!

As always, if you have any questions or needs remember you can always contact us on our Facebook page or email us at

Happy Organizing!



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