Loving the New Jooners (part 3)

Hi everyone and welcome to Part 3 of our series in loving the New Jooners.  I am Owen from Jooners Help Desk.

Today we visit all the options that will have when you start creating a sign up sheet.

3.  Inside a Sign up Sheet:  What are all of those buttons?

Once you are actually inside of a sign up sheet you’ll see a number of options that are either new or look a little different from before.  After you name your sign up and enter the description and basic information that you need, you will see a few options to help create the perfect sign up.  There are wizards for a single day event (like a picnic), a multi-day event (like a snack schedule for scout meetings), and a shift based event (like a volunteer project).

In the actual line items you should notice that there is now a “How Many” option.  This is a feature that we are very excited about.  Now, instead of having to create multiple slots for the same thing, Jooners will do it for you!  If you need 4 volunteers to help with setup at your school party, just enter “Setup” in the “needed” box and choose 4 in the “How Many” section.  Jooners takes care of the rest!

Further to the right you’ll notice three buttons.  The first is an “x” which deletes that item.  The second is a plus sign which adds a new blank item directly under the current item.  The third looks like two pieces of paper stacked on top of each other.  This is the duplicate command.  When you choose it a new item will appear that includes all of the information in the current item except for the date.

4.  Commitments uploaded to  your Online Calendars

If you have created a multiple day event or a shift event, you’ll see a calendar for selecting the days.   To choose the days your event will be happening, just click the days on the calendar.  They will turn orange at that point.  You can choose as many days as you need!  Once you have selected your dates up top, you’ll see them in the “Date” drop down menu under your line items.  Only the dates you’ve chosen above will show up, which saves you the time of scrolling through a calendar for each line item.  Select your date and you’re done.

Happy Organizing everyone!



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