Getting to know (and love) the new Jooners

Hi everyone….

Owen from Help Desk here… We’ve recently rolled out a brand new version of Jooners!  We’re very excited to offer a more streamlined user interface and some great new features with more on the way.  But we know that anytime a new product comes out it takes a bit of time to get used to.  In the next few days via short posts, I’m going to highlight some of the changes in the new site so that you can get acclimated faster.

1.  Where are all of my sign ups?

We’ve had a number of users wondering why they can’t see all of their sign ups on the MyJooners page.  No worries, they are all there!

First off, to the right of the area titled “Sign up sheets I’ve created” you will see three links; current, past and favorite.  Current is up by default, but if you’re looking to view a sign up sheet that you made last year click on past.

Second, this area only shows 5 sign up sheets at a time by default.  After the last sign up you’ll see links such us “older” and “show all”.  These will help you scroll through to see the rest of your sheets or see them all at once if you need to.  To clarify, if you are viewing current sign ups and you choose “show all”, you will only see all of the current sheets.  You still need to change to “past” to see older ones.

Happy Organizing!


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