Teachers are our inspriation

Lisa Highfill is an amazing teacher.

She has been teaching 5th grade for 19 years and is a Google Certified Teacher.  However, Lisa is not only a technology savvy teacher, she is also passionate about passing on what she learns to others.  Consider Lisa’s blog chock full of information for anyone interested in teaching tools and effective use of technology in the classroom.  Lisa also lectures on teaching and technology topics you can find here.

If you want to see the future of teaching, it is happening in Pleasanton California, in Lisa’s classroom.

Lisa found out about Jooners from Twitter and tried it in her classroom for parent teacher conferences . The success with parents was tremendous. No more back and forth emails, no more misunderstandings. But next thing that happened really surprised Lisa. One the parents in her classroom took Jooners to the PTA and pretty soon, the whole school was on Jooners! Fundraising events, school wide social events, and committee helpers were just a few of the ways the PTA utilized Jooners.

And this summer Lisa honored Jooners by mentioning it as a time saving tools for teachers from all over the US.  Lisa’s mentions brought on new teachers to Jooners and we hope that with their love and enthusiasm more schools and more parents will find out about the easiest sign up sheets on the planet!

Do you have a Lisa Highfill in your school? 

A special teacher who inspires the best not only in the students, but the entire community.  Please let us know. We have a special gift for them. Please write to me (help@jooners.com) and I will be sure to include your teacher among the LISA HIGHFILL CLUB.


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