We listen

In our 2011 customer survey we asked respondents to fill in the blanks for the following:

“I wish Jooners….”  and as you can imagine we got lots and lots of responses 🙂

We have listened and delivered on all the items below with more great stuff coming…very very soon!

“I wish Jooners…..

  • would allow me to update my address book and actually save the changes.  DONE!
  • would allow me to email only the volunteers that have signed up on my current sign-up sheets directly.  DONE!
  • would allow users to update/delete their sign-up entries. DONE!
  • would let me see volunteer email addresses and easily communicate with them en masse. DONE!
  • will allow to download the sign up sheet in an excel file DONE!
  • would be free again! DONE!  DONE!DONE!  🙂
  • was better at editing and moving contacts. I wish I could import and export friends. DONE!
  • could simplify the sign-up so that you don’t have to hit sign-up twice perhaps you could just put the email near the first sign-up button so that there is no confusion??  Or at least when the pop-up button comes up to check you email, you could have it populated with the email that has been entered??  DONE!
  • Would allow people to change their own sign ups DONE!

Do you have a great idea, a missing piece or that absolutely MUST-HAVE functionality for Jooners?  We are dying to hear it and just know that it may get done!

To all good ideas and to our amazing customers….Happy Jooning!


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