SOS Monday

On Helpdesk recently, I have seen a few great questions. I will write a few short posts on them, just FYI.  They may come in handy for you someday.

Here is one (Thanks Elizabeth K. !)

Elizabeth wrote:  “Several of my volunteers did not put in their e-mail addresses when they signed up.  As a result, the Jooners system is sending all of their confirmations and reminders to me at  My question is this: how can I go in and add their e-mail addresses so they will receive the Jooners communications regarding their shifts?”

Here is what you do:

  1. Log into, find the sign up sheet in question from the MY JOONERS box.
  2. Click it open and scroll down to find the names of the people where you want to change the email addresses.
  3. Click on one of the boxes that contains the name (example: Mary Smith has signed up for cupcakes. Click on Mary Smith).
  4. A dialog box will open. Select “create contact” option (3rd from top) and put in Name, Last Name and EMAIL for the person.
  5. Click DONE.
  6. Repeat for other slots where you want to change the email.
  7. When you have completed all the email changes that you wanted to make, Click the orange color button DONE.

That is it. 🙂

Please note that

  1. each of the people who you have changed email addresses for, will receive an email titled: “Elizabeth (or your account name) has assigned you….” with their correct commitment.
  2. You (your email account associated with Jooners), will also receive a number of emails, saying that your name has been removed from xxx sign up sheet. This is the natural after effect of changing the emails from you, to someone else.  You can safely ignore these emails.
  3. If the event date is very close, and depending on what you have selected in terms of your reminder dates (as in 2 days before event, 1 day before event etc.), you may have missed the window for people getting the emails. If this is the case, use the CONTACT VOLUNTEERS button and send them a separate email. (Here some information on how to use CONTACT VOLUNTEERS, if you are new to it.)

Happy Eventing!



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