Kids and volunteering

Hi everyone…Nazila here!

As of Thursday, summer is here for my family.  And this year my younger daughter has begun an anti-camp campaign.  “Summer is supposed to be relaxing, time to hang out with friends, go swimming, have sleepovers.  I don’t want to go to camp!”, she said.  Hmmm….all I could think about was that a week into her relaxing time, I was going to hear “I am bored. I am bored. I am bored.” But may be not?  I thought to myself, that maybe she really needs some time to unwind.

So we came up with some ideas for our non-camp summer!

  1. Work
    • Create a crafts camp for the younger set in our neighborhood.
    • Dog-walking, Babysitting
    • Filing
    • Cleaning, organizing  (least favorite!)
  2. Volunteer
    • Local library – Minimum age to be a volunteer is 14. 😦
    • Local bookstore  – Same problem.
    • Soup kitchen and homeless shelter need a parent present.
    • Youth service programs –  For middle-school kids, they are really camps, focused on service. A possibility.

What are your ideas?  What are your middle-schoolers saying about their summer?


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