Good questions

With all the graduation events and the upcoming swim meets, our helpdesk has been buzzing lately with some great questions.  We thought we’d share a few.

Is it possible to “customize” a message to the people who have signed up for an event?
Yes, absolutely. Step by step instructions here.

Is is possible for me to add “mobile” field to a sign up template?
Yes, please consider using the NOTES area as a place for mobile phone numbers.

I have used Jooners for school activities. Can you use the same account for our swim team?
If it is a personal account yes, you can.  But if it was created and paid for by the school, please consider asking permission from the school. Or start a brand new free account.

Can one organization, such as a sports team, use one account under Jooners for coordinating events for an entire season?
Absolutely! Get an email address that multiple people can access and start creating sign up sheets.  If you have a need to save more than 5 sign up sheets, consider upgrading to premium accounts. This way, whatever you create this year, can be used next year and the organizers will thank you for it.

Is there a way to move phone numbers from sign up sheets into FRIENDS information without retyping each and every one?
Yes, absolutely.  Just download the sign up sheet that contains the phone numbers and export it into a spreadsheet. Next import the CSV spreadsheet into Jooners FRIENDS tab. And voila…Your contacts are now updated.


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