2 responses to “What does Jooners mean? Nazila explains.

  1. Great! But what does jooners do? Why should I sign up and get an account? I got an email and I am trying to decide if I should mark the email as spam or not.. All I need to know is, what does jooners do for me? Why would anyone want to sign up? Why would anyone want one more account online?

    • Hi Maalika, Thanks for your note. Jooners is an online sign up sheet tool that lets you coordinate and manage a group of people easily and without a ton of back and forth emails. If you are part of a school community and organizing end of the year parties, or part of a swim team, organizing a swim meet, or if you are trying to figure out how many small/medium/large t-shirts are needed for a group of volunteers, etc. you’d use Jooners. Take a look at this to get more ideas on how Jooners can be use:http://www.jooners.com/organizer_gallery.html
      I hope this helps!

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