Pinterest: love’s in the air….

Suddenly everywhere you look the little P is peeking out and winking at you. It is unique in its flounce-y retro red and it stands out in contrast to all the greys and blues of Facebook and Twitter.

What is Pinterest all about? If you are curious….

  1. It is visual.  You don’t have to write or be smart. Just point and click and the pictures show up on your boards.
  2. It is lovely.  Is someone back there coordinating colors?  Do they know that it is late winter and warm whites and cafe latte browns are giving way to peeks of bright young green?  Or are they just coordinating with Pottery Barn?
  3. It says something about you.  No two pin boards are alike. Just like snow flakes. Just like humans. It is YOUR board and it may just become your billboard! Are you ready?
  4. Do you have a board that you’d like to share?  We’d love to give you a shout out.

Need an invitation?  Email me ( and I will invite you.


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