Idea of the Week: Tips on Planning for Big Events

Big events can be organized - By you!

  • Are you getting ready for the annual Spring Auction?
  • Preparing for the Walkathon Fundraiser?
  • Starting swim meets soon?

Let us share with you couple of tips from a group of super-organized Jooners that have been responsible for big events in their communities.

Start Early!

It is never too early to plan and get the interested people together.  Have an organizational meeting. Make it short and sweet (you don't want people to think that your meetings are boring).  If you are the only one using Jooners, consider sharing how you use Jooners with the broader group.  You may find others that have successfully planned on Jooners. Bingo!  You just saved a bunch of time and now you can....


Take the big project, the big event, the big whatever, and cut it up into smaller activities. Make a big list of things that need to get done and see if you can group them by theme or timing.  The list does not have to be perfect or fully flushed out.  Just get started!    Now create trial Jooners sign up sheets listing these sub-projects and their relative timing. Just like this (link to a couple of good sign up sheets that add up to a big event) and like this.


You don't have to do everything yourself.  Delegate and trust.  If you have Jooners-savvy teammates, so much the better, but if not, consider giving them a quick tutorial or send them this quick 2 minute video.  If they are heading a sub-committee or organizing other groups, they will thank you for the tip.

Recruit continuously.

All projects need more participants and volunteers than originally planned. Start early on recruiting more and more people to your event or project.  Hold town meetings. Send Jooners invitations. (link to group meeting templates).  The more the merrier.  When the entire community feels welcome and invited, the project is automatically a success.

Share often.

Interviewing super Jooners, we learned that the key to big events is organization and communication.  Many of them said:

  • Dont be afraid to ask other parents for help.
  • Share what you need to get done. Most everyone wants to help out even if they dont have time during the day.
  • Create ways for them to be involved.

Jooners sign up sheets do just that.  They help you plan, deconstruct, delegate, recruit and communicate.

Here is to a great Spring...almost around the corner!


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