Super Jooner – Interview with Sue C.

Introducing Super Jooner, Sue C!

Sue C. is an active parent in her community and school.  Married for 19 years, Sue has two daughters aged 9 & 12 that enjoy riding horses, gymnastics, drama and lots of open creative time. The family goes to the beach or takes frequent local trips around the Bay Area.  Sue’s personal hobbies are scrap-booking, cooking, design, art, walking and spending time with her kids.

As an active contributor and organizer of events, she has some key advice on how to make your events and projects successful. Read on and get inspired…

1) How did you first hear about Jooners?

My older daughter attends a school in Sunnyvale, California and the parent organizers at the school used Jooners for fundraisers, classroom parties, and drama productions (to coordinate parent volunteers). The first time I signed up as a volunteer on Jooners, I realized how useful it could be and I became a member.

2) What do you use Jooners for?

I use Jooners to help my younger daughter’s teacher schedule student conferences.  I’ve used it for year-end parties to coordinate parents bringing in snacks and signing up to help. The biggest event I organized with Jooners was a Halloween Pumpkin Patch and Haunted Trail. I forwarded the sign-up sheet link to 1,100 parents and we had 132 volunteers sign up for 15 different event dates. Jooners helped me organize goodies for bake sales, and schedule workers for several carnivals, and many other events to raise money for our school district.

3) Has using Jooners made your life easier? If so, how?

As a busy parent and a volunteer for many functions myself, I find it frustrating and daunting to receive a blanket e-mail asking for assistance, but not telling me what is needed and when.  Also, if I respond to a general request and show interest, I know I’ll be asked to coordinate it.

People want to help out and serve, but they need a way to see specifically what is needed and when. Then they can put it on their calendar and commit.

I’ve appreciated Jooners not just as a tool to gather volunteers, but also communicate with them before and after an event. I liked being able to contact specific volunteers with questions or requests. I used the reporting function to send out information and thank you notes. I also pulled together a master list of the people that actually volunteered so I can use it next year. Then I can focus on recruiting more form the list of committed volunteers instead of the larger group of 1,100.

4) What are the three most important things you have learned in your volunteering efforts?

  • People want to contribute and the coordinator needs to make it easy for them to do so
  • People need clear, concise instructions
  • People need immediate feedback.  Even if I don’t know the answer to something, I always send a quick e-mail to reassure the sender that I received their message and will get back with them. Then they feel someone is listening.

5) What advice do you have for those new to organizing?

Don’t be afraid to step out and organize something. If anyone complains, ask them to join in and help you! Or better yet, suggest they coordinate the event next year. I guarantee, you won’t hear from them again. And have fun!

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