“Can Do” + online signup sheets = Great Communities

On Jooners’ Helpdesk, we come across some amazing efforts in our communities.  Take a look at the examples below to find out how a few organizers are impacting the lives and well-being of so many of us. Nothing short of spectacular….

Using a popular sign up sheet, Karen and a team of 12 took advantage of our spring-like weather and cleaned up one of our local creeks this weekend!  http://bit.ly/diq9V4

An auction on the East Bay raises more than $70K annually for this elementary school http://bit.ly/cVYSvE

Amy in Colorado is running a stress reduction class in Colorado. Her students reserve their spots and pay on Jooners in couple of easy clicks…http://bit.ly/a8OXUK

Write us about your community efforts. We want to hear from you! help@jooners.com


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