Best group gift ideas … and easy money collection online

Wedding shower.
Surrounding that special friend with a thoughtful gift that really honors the individual is an exciting and meaningful prospect.  Often it’s so hard to do.  The great thing about a group gift is that it can save everyone money.  In the sum, these smaller $ offerings turn into one gift of greater impact.

For really memorable gift ideas try to think outside the box.  There’s no “Oh wow!!!” in gift cards, the next sweater or the latest book.  Think about:

–  Photo album of lots of things your group has done together.
–  “Dead Poet’s Society” reading picnic in a glorious spot.
–  Yellow lab puppy named “Brulée”!
–  A necklace the group got together and hand-made.
–  Air ticket to a nearby city with an overnight hotel included.
–  Video of friends telling stories about you — uploaded to YouTube for group watching!
–   Each person delivers a “comfort food” dinner to the friend over several months.
–  The gift of health…  yoga, pilates, aerobics classes.
–  Write a book.  Each chapter from a different person with a story about the friend.

For more great ideas we loved these on Today’s Mama.  And if you’re a group just too pressed for time, consider a VERY unique hand-made gift from!  Then let Jooners make the group money collection way simple with our online service.  Just watch how easy it is!


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